Gulf Arabic Vocabulary: The Days of the Week

Abu Dhabi Corniche يوم الأحد
yoom il-aHad – Sunday

يوم الإثنين
yoom il-ithneyn – Monday

يوم الثلاثاء
yoom il-thulathaa – Tuesday

يوم الأربعاء
yoom il-arbi^a – Wednesday

يوم الخميس
yoom il-xamiis – Thursday

يوم الجمعة
yoom il-jum^a (in more relaxed speech: yoom il-yim^a ) – Friday

يوم السبت
yoom is-sabt – Saturday

The weekend is Friday and Saturday. Sundays are workdays.

il-yoom – today

il-baariHa or أمس ams – yesterday

قبل البارحة
gabil il-baariHa or أمس الأول ams il-awwal or أول أمس awwal ams – day before yesterday

baachir – tomorrow (you might hear also بكرا bukra which is not a typically Gulf Arabic word, as it comes from Syrian and Egyptian Arabic, via TV soap operas, etc.)

بعد باكر
ba^ad baachir – day after tomorrow

في النهار fi-n-nahaar – during daytime (nahaar is the light part of the 24-hour cycle)
بالليل bi-l-layl or just الليل il-layl – at night (layl is the dark part of the 24-hour cycle)

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