Learn The Arabic Alphabet:
The Writing Practice Workbook.

You can, of course, learn the Arabic alphabet online, however, it's a completely different and more rewarding experience to be able to practice on paper tracing the Arabic letters, getting all the strokes and lines into your muscle memory.

bullet pointThe Arabic Alphabet Book is a workbook that can be used by adults and kids above the age of 10 to learn to write in Arabic.

bullet pointBig and clear letters for practicing with ease and clarity.

bullet pointStroke order included for getting you a strong foundation to build your Arabic handwriting skills.

bullet pointThis book teaches you to draw the calligraphic lines and shapes of the Arabic language and learn all the letters.

bullet pointLetters change shape depending on where they are in the word. The Arabic Alphabet Book teaches you not only writing the basic alphabet but also all the forms (independent, initial, medial and final) and provides examples for each form of each letter so by the time you finish this book you should not only know the Arabic alphabet but should also have learned over 100 words in the Arabic language!

bullet pointYou'll find extra 8.5x11-inch pages dedicated to the handwriting practice of whole words.

bullet pointYou'll also get acquainted with reading various Arabic fonts.

Get started learning to write the Arabic script now!