Gulf Arabic Vocabulary: Greeting People II.

An image from Abu Dhabi desert زين، الحمد لله
zayn, al-Hamdulillah - Fine, thanks. (literally Good, glory/praise be to God.)

بخير، الحمد لله
bi-xayr, il-Hamdulillah - {same as above}

الحمد لله
al-Hamdu l-il-llahi - Glory/praise be to God.

الله يسلمك
allah yisalmik - {as a reply to How are you?, it means "May God give you health."}

wa inta? - And you? (said to a male)

wa inti? - And you (said to a female)

wa intu? - And you? (said to two or more people)

أمور طيبة؟
umuur Tayyiba? - Everything's going fine? (literally, "things/issues well/good?)

ش إسمك؟
sh-ismak? - What's your name? (said to a male)

ش إسمج؟
sh-ismich? - What's your name? (said to a female)

انا إسمي محمد
ana ismi mHammad. - I am Muhammad. (literally "I, my name Muhammad".)

نحن اسمائنا علي ويعقوب وأحمد
niHin asmaa’na ^ali wa ya^qoob wa a^mad. - literally "We, our names Ali and Yaqoob (Jacob) and Ahmad".

tfaDDal - Please, come in. or Help yourself. (from a meal) or Here you are. (when giving something) (said to a man)
tfaDDali (said to a woman)
tfaDDalu (said to two or more people)

shukran - Thanks.

mashkuur - Thanks. (said to a man, literally, "(you're) thanked".)

mashkuura - Thanks. (said to a woman)

mashkuuriin - Thanks. (said to several people)

^afwan - You're welcome. / Not at all. / Not to mention.

إسمح لي
ismaH li - Excuse me.

لو سمحت
law samaHt - Excuse me.

من فضلك
min faDlak - Please. (said to a man, literally From your grace)

من فضلج
min faDlich - Please. (said to a woman)

ما عليك أمر
ma ^aleyk amr - Please. (said to a man, literally Not upon you a command.)

ما عليج أمر
ma ^aleych amr - Please. (said to a woman)

مع السلامة
ma^a s-salaama. - Good-bye. (literally With peace.)

في أمان الله
fii amaan il-llaah. - Good-bye. (literally In the safety of God.)

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