Gulf Arab Culture:
A strange way of showing gratitude like a Gulf Arab

Arab waterfront architecture in Dubai, UAE It's only strange for those who don't know it...

In situations when you are accorded a lot of respect (e.g. given a prize, been praised, shown hospitality, etc.), a unique way of showing gratitude by Gulf Arabs is saying

على رأسي ^ala raasi or
(a shorter version of it) عرأسي ^a raasi and putting your hand on your head. It literally means 'on my head' as if you're telling the person you would carry him on your head, i.e. you have a high regard for him.

Here are a couple of great examples of this:

(1) On the last day of his trip to Sri Lanka, Kuwaiti travel vlogger Aadil al-Adwaani (a.k.a. Ibn Fatota) was invited to lunch by his Sri Lankan driver.

After he says good-bye to the wife and kids of the driver, he explains to his viewers how thankful he is for the way he was treated.

⟶ Check it out here

(2) UAE singer Shamma Hamdaan became famous (and jumpstarted her career) after her participation in the second season of Arabs Got Talent where she took the 2nd place.

Here is how the judges gave her their yes نعم na^am and how she thanked them:

⟶ Check it out here

(Notice also the guy behind the scenes explaining to his interlocutor that it's a Khaleeji (Gulfie) thing to thank with the hand on the head.)

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