Gulf Arab Culture:
Former US Pres. Trump learns about Arab coffee drinking.
And so can you.

Drinking coffee by the fire in Oman So, you were invited to a maylis (majlis) or diwaaniyya (a sitting room for guests) at an Arab home or at an official function... and as Arab hospitality goes, you are poured Arabic coffee in small cups called finjaan. It's all nice and good but at some point you had enough... Here's the accepted Gulf Arab way to communicate you had enough.

هز الفنجان hizz al-finjaan - Shake the cup!

You must shake the coffee cup as you pass it back to the coffee guy, and he will not fill it up again.

Here is a great example of this at the US Arab Islamic Summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where HM King Salman explains the concept to US Pres. Trump.

⟶ Check it out here

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