Gulf Arab Culture:
Money Brings the Bride,
but does it bring happiness?

Omani traditional folk music performance We’d like to share with you a couple of Gulf Arab marriage-related proverbs that have this nice rhyme built in them:

الفلوس تجيب العروس il-fluus tyiib l-^aruus literally means "Money brings the bride". (الفلوس il-fluus means money). It is an expression rooted in tradition that has spread around and has now also taken on the meaning of "Money is of utmost importance".

Many educated Gulf Arab men don't necessarily espouse such beliefs but still - facts are facts, and it is a fact that it is extremely costly to get married in the Gulf and usually the groom foots the bill - further reading here.

منك المال ومنها العيال
minnak al-maal wa minha l-^iyaal literally means "From you - the material (money, house, cars, etc.), and from her - the children". (العيال il-^iyaal is a collective word for children). Another one of those traditional sayings - you can actually say that to your Gulf Arab friend or colleague if you hear he's getting married.

Please share with anyone who could possibly benefit from this.