Gulf Arab Culture:
Scents of Arabia.

Have you ever wondered what is this intense scent you notice when Gulf Arabs pass by you in the mall (or anywhere else)? Wonder no more. We'll explain:

بخور العود
baxxuur il-^uud – vapors of ^uud

These are pieces of the bark of the agarwood tree (^uud, usually spelled oud) put on a مبخرة mabxara - an incense burner. When it starts smoking, you would take it close to your clothes and let it waft through. 1 kg (a couple of pounds) of the best oud bark costs upwards of US$30,000.

دهن العود
dihn il-^uud - oil of oud

This is the oil of the agarwood bark. You apply just a tiny drop on your wrists and it will provide its beautiful strong scent for the whole day.

If you would like to learn about all the ins and outs of the ^uud trade, the exorbitant prices super grade ^uud has reached, how and when it is sourced as well as the danger of extinction of the natural agarwood, check out ⟶ this 50-minute documentary.

Another source of nice scent is obviously:

^aTir - perfume