Gulf Arab Culture:
What does Abu Dhabi mean in Arabic?
How about Bahrain? And Kuwait?

The fort in Al Ain, UAE In case you were wondering if some of the place names in the Gulf have any meaning:

(1) الكويت
il-kweyt - a small fort (a fort is الكوت al-kuut )

il-baHreyn - two seas

بو ظبي
bu DHabi - place with many gazelles

(أبو abu or بو bu or أبو ubu generally means 'father' but also 'place with', 'somebody with',
so for example,
غشمة ghashma is 'eyeglasses' so بو غشمة bu ghashma is 'the guy with the glasses')

رأس الخيمة
ras al-xeyma - top of the tent (probably referring to its northern geographical position)

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